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The SCAS P&F Business Directory is an innovative way for the school community to support each other

The SCAS P&F Business Directory was established in 2013 as a resource for school parents, students, staff, alumni and their family and friends to source products and services from within the school community. When you need a dentist or a mechanic, why not choose one who is (or was) a SCAS parent, student or staff relation.

If a parent or former student sets up a new business, why not support them if we can, it just takes a click or two. It's all about keeping the SCAS community successfully employed and supporting one another.

Directory revenue

100% of the net advertising revenue is used by the SCAS P&F on purchases and projects that benefit SCAS students from kindergarten right through to Year 12. You can have a say in how the funds are distributed - simply come along to the next P&F meeting.

Advertising is open to any organisation offering a suitable product or service, and discounts and special offers are available for school community advertisers.

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